Respect others

Do not post anything that might offend, upset, or harm other Engage users. This includes posting threatening or abusive language, lewd or disturbing images or videos, or personal information users have chosen not to make public.

Respect the law

Do not post anything that violates copyright law or any other law in the U.S., Canada, and any other jurisdiction you may be posting from. Be especially mindful of this rule when posting pictures or videos.

Respect Engage

Do not post spam, malware, or anything that may stop Engage from being a safe and fun place for users to share their activities.

The bottom line

If you’re not sure something is appropriate to post, that probably means it isn’t.

If you post any content that we, at our sole discretion, find to be in violation of Engage’s acceptable use policy, we reserve the right to remove that content from Engage. We may also take further steps as needed, such as disabling your account and notifying the appropriate authorities.